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Lead by Shilpi Goyal, based out of New Delhi ,Travel jewellery, premium destination wear

Shilpi Goyal Jewellery emerged out of the sheer love for ornaments and jewellery. Established in 2013, Shilpi Goyal came up with her unique, artisanal jewellery that is inspired by her creative understanding ,being a graduate of fine arts.She travelled extensively to showcase her products and did lot of exhibitions all over India and abroad. With in-house karigari, and her strong aesthetic skills paired with her precision to details,

Shilpi has reinvigorated a unique design philosophy that depicts charm, exuberance and extravagance. With her mother into real jewellery, and staying between the painting, a hobby of styling the look, soon blossomed from a household venture, to a full fledged career. Shilpi Goyal Jewellery studio is in Delhi, and is known for its one-of-a-kind premium collection featuring handset designs, fusion of cultures and craftsmanship. Today, with multiple exhibitions and a global footprint, Shilpi has emerged as a must go to Jeweller for women.

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